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Rift driver RiftDisplay.inf -- does the Rift even use this anymore?

Level 4
Don't know if anyone here knows the answer to this, but asking anyway. Does anyone know if the Rift even uses the driver RiftDisplay.inf anymore?

In my error logs, when troubleshooting a stutter issue in Home on Core2.0, I had this message repeatedly: "[Kernel:Default] Windows 10 system doesn't appear to have RiftDisplay.inf installed. Cannot use DXGI 2 path successfully."

I've seen posts from a number of people related to this same issue in various threads on this forum, and knowledgeable folks like @cybereality suggesting that it needs to be installed and may be a cause of certain issues.

When I attempt to install this driver manually, either with C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-drivers\oculus-driver.exe or by right-clicking the .inf file in C:\Program Files\Oculus VR Runtime Drivers\Drivers\Monitor, it fails to install that particular driver. (You won't know it failed from the executable unless you look at the driver install log file in the AppData location.)

Looking into the reason why, it's because Windows says "The certificate that signed this security catalog is not valid." Digging deeper and looking at the certificate used to sign this driver, it looks like it's the same one that expired on 3/7 of this year, which caused the infamous day where no Rifts would work until Oculus issued a patch. As far as I can tell, Windows refuses to install this driver because of that.

I did finally force this driver to install by temporarily setting my system clock back to a date prior to 3/7/2018, installing it, and then returning to the current date. The driver has remained installed and the error in the log gone away, but as far as I can tell it doesn't look like it even uses this driver anymore, or at least it doesn't seem to matter whether it's actually installed or not.

So to clear this up for everyone that sees this error in their logs and is trying to troubleshoot other issues -- does anyone know if this is still a driver that matters, or just an old error message that hasn't been removed from the error-checking routines?


Level 4
I made a discovery and think this driver actually does matter a lot, and it's causing the black flash from the virtual monitor that is created when people launch Oculus Home in Core2.0. See the post here for more info: link
Looks like I was wrong on that, see the link if interested -- it stops the black flash and screen refresh, but it also makes tear-out windows no longer work. Oddly the full desktop in dash still works, and embedding the full desktop in screens still works too, just not the tear-outs.

That said, it's still not clear to me if this driver is supposed to still be installed and functioning and serving some purpose.

Level 2
Getting Same log error. really hoping oculus can fix this issue 

Level 9
I've got this I think. It never did "tear outs"/Pull outs of Desktop but only did for the Pinned Desktop. Now I got blackscreen and it won't start whatever I try as known. I don't see that Monitor Folder mentioned so perhaps is not used now. The Setup gave me clues towards that INTEL GPU conflict with Dash. It could be dragging on and although has worked it eventually stops.