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Rift flashes lines then games run slow

Level 2
Having an odd problem that I can't figure out.

When I play nearly anything for any length of time after a whole I will see the oculus rift screen crackle or show a bunch of lines for less than a second. Once this starts happening the game starts to lag as it try to move around. I see this in unity demos and in half life 2.

Very frustrating.

My system is a MacBook Pro retina 15 with i7 processor and 16 Gb ram. The rift is one the HDMI port and I am driving two additional monitors on the thunderbolt ports. I am running windows 7 64 bit.

The only thing I can find that has changed is the video drivers from nvidia was updated on the 19th of November. I am sure prior to that it was fine. Sadly I don't see a way to go back a version.

Appreciate any help?

Level 16
Can you pull out the lens cups and try taking a video of the problem?

Sounds like it may be a bad cable or connection. Can you try wiggling the cables or making sure they're in tight?
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Level 2
Looks like I solved it!

It turns out that Windows was set for "Balanced" under Power Management. My guess is that the machine was getting too hot and it would throttle the CPU causing the "glitch" and a huge framerate penalty.

Anyway--I made sure the laptop was in a place that was cooler and have high performance set and now I am able to play SkyRim, Half Life 2 and other demos without a loss of performance. In fact I got a gain in performance!

All in all worth the pain and struggle I spent working on this (multiple hours). What I don't understand is how it got this way. I certainly do not recall changing it.

Maybe it was not running hot before?

I am just not sure.. anyway.. 🙂

Thanks for your help Cyber.