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Rift goes black then Resume Sometimes!!

Level 3
Hello, I have been fighting this issue for months now. however now it has been getting worse to point where It will not resume, i have to restart the game. I got the HMD 1 day Log and snooped around and foiund several interesting lines such as:
22/08 02:55:20.793 {WARNING} [HW:Health] Hardware health is BAD.  0122 WMHD303J200AFX: 0x0 (0) ovrSuccess 
22/08 02:55:06.845 {WARNING} [Tracking:Tracker] Timed out waiting for camera WMTD303S102D2Z frame @ 4228.685
22/08 02:37:40.885 {INFO}    [ASW:NV_FrameEstimator] Breaking promise vsync distance 11.9997
22/08 02:37:41.089 {INFO}    [Kernel:Default] Failed to obtain GPU statistics for process 2152: iRacingSim64DX11.exe. 0xd0000022 (3489660962): (unknown)
22/08 02:37:41.222 {INFO}    [ASW:NV_FrameEstimator] Breaking promise vsync distance 7.99838
why is there Vsync, and ASW I never turned any of these on?


Level 3
anyone know any fixes or what these lines mean?