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Rift s black screen problem

Level 2

Hello , i recently got this issue with my rift s , when i play games the screen goes black after a while , i hear an high pitch noise and then the headset turn back on .

It happens every 15 minutes and it ruined my vr experience.

I got this problem after changing a lot of hardware in my pc


Old hardware:

gpu Gtx 1660

cpu Ryzen 5 2600

ram 16 gig ballisitx 3000 mhz


I tried to reinstall my drivers , reinstall the oculus app , checked for windows updates , reset my windows and i still got the issue.

motherboard asus a320m-k


new hardware 

gpu rtx 3060

cpu ryzen 7 3700x

ram 16 gig ballistix 3000mhz

motherboard msi b450 pro-vdh max