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Rift starts then goes black on both monitor and headset and frezzes my pc up so have to reboot.

Level 2
Greetings, I am haveing a problem with my rift, it will start the app, but then it goes black on my monitor and rift screens. when it does it frezzus my pc up and i have to reboot, all my other games are working normal outside the rift software.  I have newest nvidia gtx1070 drivers installed, tried older but no joy.  started suddenly about 10 days ago, i have been in touch with oculus support but it is the old song and dance, back and forth. i have sent files, support cant open them, cause there over 25mg so sends them through google, they say they still cant open them.  Lots of people are haveing this problem, all over the web,   any body else have this problem here?  any clues on how to fix?  rift support is slow. lol   any help would be great..
Thanks for your time...
miss my games man...  lol

Level 5
Are you overclocking? Do you monitor cpu and gpu temperature? Could you repair/reinstall oculus home? Have you made any significant changes to hardware or software recently? Oculus will most likely ask these questions and more, mainly because the problem could be with the end user hardware or software. If your monitor is also going black, it could be a pc issue. Monitor temperatures. Pull memory sticks and test individually. Run furmark on your gpu and stress test your cpu. Reinstall home. Change USB slots. Reinstall Windows and clean drivers as a last resort if it comes to it. It's a good way of getting to know you're pc.