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Rift with TitanX is using Onboard graphics card?

Level 2
Hi, new to VR and very impressed with the setup and introduction. I bought for Google Earth VR but it isn't working. I think (and I'm in no way an expert) that some of the apps (Earth and Minecraft) are not using the main TitanX but the onboard GPU. I could be totally wrong. When launching Google Earth, The Error is "Error code 0 Function: ovr_CreateTextureSwapChainGL". Minecraft just crashes and then the headset flickers.

I have the latest Graphics drivers. I've tried using the NVIDEA control panel but it doesn't list Oculus or any of the apps within the library of games so cannot change there (I have used search but that doesn't recognise any of the VR software). I've also been into settings and tried to change OpenGL to use the Titan thinking this might make a difference.

The headset is connected directly into the TitanX and the output to TV is from the onboard graphics card. There are displayports on the NVIDEA but I don't have a cable or anything to connect via displayport. At any rate, according to the setup, everything is correct.

I am only assuming that the issue is the apps trying to use the onboard GFX card so could be wrong.

Any advice appreciated. I am downloading SteamVR and Google Earth VR (within Steam) so see if that makes a difference vs using the Oculus software.


Level 8
When using VR, it is very important to only use your nvidia graphics card. Do not connect anything to the on-board graphics card. If possible, disable the on-board graphics card in BIOS.

If you need to connect your TV you can use a DiplayPort to HDMI adapter and plug it into the Titan X.

Level 8
As @Thmoas has said, you HAVE to use the video ports on your Nvidia card only.

I had the exact same problem you have when I first tried Google Earth VR, and the fix was to connect my TV to the Nvidia display port via a HDMI adapter. 

Works an absolute treat now.
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