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Right Oculus controller tracking screwed up because of cracked ring

Level 2

Hey, I recently dropped my quest 1 controller (bad move, i know) and now when I try to use it, the tracking is all messed up. The controller will randomly drift off, be stuck in a random position, or just be stuck and only be able to rotate. The thing is, seemingly randomly, sometimes the tracking will work 100% fine for about a second or 2 and then go back to bugging. I took my headset off and looked at the controller and realized that the ring around it was cracked. I can see the inside of the ring, but its only cracked on the outside. I've already done some research and apparently superglue is the best option here, but while it will fix the cosmetic look, would it also fix the tracking, or would I just need to get a complete replacement? Games have become unplayable, and I have used clear tape as a last resort, but to no success. Thanks to anyone that helps!IMG_4504.jpgIMG_4502.jpgIMG_4503.jpg


Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh no! Broken controllers are the worst! So that our team can look into this and see what we can do here, go ahead and send us a support ticket:

Level 2

Broken controllers truly are the worse, especially if they are on the rings. 
If the ring doesnt work then the controller tracking doesn't work because the quest
tracks the controller with IR cameras, and the ring shoots out all of those IR rays.