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Right Quest 2 controller not pairing

Level 2

My quest 2 controller stopped working one random morning. I followed every guide I could in fixing this issue following it blinking SOS signals. Taking out the battery for long intervals did nothing, unpairing/repairing would make the controller buzz, but then go back to SOS light intervals. I don't want to factory reset and lose all of my games, is there any advice anyone can give me?


Community Manager
Community Manager

We know how rough it can be when you hit a wall with troubleshooting, and it's extra hard when it prevents you from using a device we're sure you enjoy!


We definitely would love you could come here to chat with us so that we can look into all possible options. This is most likely a firmware update issue, but from support, an agent can work with you 1 on 1 to make sure we figure out what's happening.