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Right controller just quit.
Level 2

So while sitting in its box for about 12 hours my right controller literally died. I checked battery. It’s not that. I tried pairing it. I contacted support and was given the instruction to do a factory reset. I performed the reset and now the only progress made is the right controller will vibrate four fast short bursts and then nothing else. No lights no nothing.  So it’s stuck at the pairing screen. There are no new controllers available except on Amazon for like 200 bucks or 140 on eBay. The price gouging shows me that this thing has a lot of controller problems. Everyone I know with this Quest 2 system at 256g has a serious issue of some sort. 
I am going back to PlayStation. Facebook has too much reach into our personal lives anyway and this game system is the only reason I opened my FB again. 

but what really pisses me off is I’ve had this thing for 41 days and just over 85 or so hours and  over $150 out on games. So I’m out 600 bucks.