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Rtx3060 don't meet min specs lol

Level 2

Upgraded pc to mortar 550 motherboard, and ryzen 3700x with m.2 storage, rtx 3060.


Saying my pc don't meet minimum specs lol.


Plays fine, but message there everytime i start oculus.


Level 3

Having the same issue. Just got a 3060 myself. Wondering if the list of GPUs is hard coded and Oculus hasn't updated the list since the 3060 is so scarce right now.

Level 3

I have the same problem with an RTX-3060 from the ASUS laptop that I just bought ... the fact is that the OCULUS Spain page does say that the RTX-30 series are compatible, but when I open the OCULUS application in The laptop I get that message "your computer does not meet the minimum requirements ....", I don't know what to do, do I return the laptop? or is it sure that they are going to get an update for the RTX30-SERIES?


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