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Runtime 5.0.1 Broken for DK1 users? Please Help.

Level 2
Hello im very sorry to bother but i must ask, VR desktop and Vorpx Now have been updated to The Oculus runtime 5.0.1. Problem is the only way my PC see's my Rift is in Direct mode with DK1 legacy off, any other configuration and it fails to detect. Maybe im overlooking something?
ive tried...
uninstalling/reinstalling (several times)
Changing USB ports
Searching Google and the forums
different power cycles (turning the rift on/off)
Replacing the HDMI cable
Disconnecting all but the main monitor
Ect, ect.

Still nothing works to get it to detect, if i reinstall 4.4 everything is perfect, However i need RunTime 5.0.1 to use Vorpx (no Downgrading) Unity 5.0, and now VR Desktop.
Please help if you can. Its now impossible to test or create anything until they fix the new runtime as im not the only one with this issue.
Thank you in advance for your time.
Nothing is impossible, just time consuming.

Level 16
Can you try uninstalling just the Oculus display driver (leave Runtime alone)?
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Level 2
"cybereality" wrote:
Can you try uninstalling just the Oculus display driver (leave Runtime alone)?

Yes sadly thats does nothing at all, the only mode i can access at all is direct mode with no Legacy support change ANY option and its back to no rift detected.

Ok rifters, i have narrowed the issue down to where i can duplicate it, the problem for me is that you must ONLY have a main monitor and a rift attached for Extended Mode to work.

Still a colossal bug in my opinion, because 75 percent of PC gamers have multiple monitors setup, especially at Conventions,
Seriously imagine being restricted to one monitor at CES 2015, people would have laughed at you guys.

Please do fix this almost "game breaking" bug, its extremely annoying to have to disconnect and reconnect all my USB devices everytime i wish to use my Rift.
Nothing is impossible, just time consuming.