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SOLUTION - Wrong Oculus Account Linked to Facebook Account

Level 3
Waited a week for Oculus to fix my issue of wrong Oculus account tied to Facebook account. Library was empty. Found a solution on Reddit from iMason420.

Using a computer web-browser, Not The App, go to the Oculus website and login with the inncorrect account.

Make sure this is the Oculus account YOU DO NOT WANT, because you are going to delete that account:
Go to Profile, Privacy Center, Delete Your Oculus Data

You will be brought to the Facebook site to complete the deletion.

Now you can log in to the Oculus App with your good Oculus account and link it to Facebook. Note: I had to delete the Oculus App cache.

Level 4

Don't know if it was done but figure I would mention. Make sure to clear your cache on phone app prior to trying to pair the Quest 2. I had similar problems until I cleared the oculus app cache on my android. 

I'm using iOS devices. The only way to clear the app cache that I know of was to uninstall the oculus app and reinstall, which I did. I still get stuck in the loop of "continue in facebook..." I've contacted support again... and I'll try re-linking later today. 
It appears as if the oculus info is "marked for deletion" but not actually deleted or unlinked. They say this could take up to 14 days. 

Level 2
Didn't work for me either.  I deleted the bad, empty Oculus account... Now I am in the do loop of doom.
I have to ask... Does FB do any use case testing?  If you are going to ask for people to combine accounts... this is a pretty damn easy use case to see coming.  

Level 2

Surf_Nerd said:

Didn't work for me either.  I deleted the bad, empty Oculus account... Now I am in the do loop of doom.
I have to ask... Does FB do any use case testing?  If you are going to ask for people to combine accounts... this is a pretty damn easy use case to see coming.  

With this issue and the FB account insta-ban issue, and elite head-strap issue, I doubt it. I guess they're following Microsoft's lead and having no paid testers.

What's curious is that this appeared to work -- and now doesn't. The cynic would say that the workaround has been intentionally 'broken' for some reason, while the optimist would say that wheels are in motion to fix this that has, ironically, broken the easier / quicker fix. Both are unacceptable.

I've been waiting 10 days -- since launch day -- for a fix. Here, Reddit, Twitter, etc. people are told to raise Oculus support tickets that usually result in being told to wait another 72-96 hours for a reply at best or, at worse, entirely misunderstand the what the actual issue is (and in one ticket I raised associated it with an incorrect email address so I have no idea where that ticket went). 10 days is an astonishing amount of time for widespread issue such as this to be happening. Change Management dictates that you have rollback plans in place (although it also requires comprehensive testing prior to roll-out and, well, there's little evidence of that going on). I'm yet to find out if my Quest 2 and controllers even actually work properly given the context of reports of dud controllers, internal fan issues, etc.

Customers in Australia have started to receive their headsets after being beset with delays and have been compensated with $30 store credit (not a dig -- I'm happy for you Aussie friends), where as many of us have had the device since or close to launch day and are no further to actually using them. Can I and others experiencing this expect store credit for the delays in being able to use the headsets? Serious question. I've followed the instructions to the letter and I'm still unable to use the headset. Yes, I and other can (and some have) return the headsets, but that doesn't actually fix this issue as the account issue may impact my future ability to use my CV1 and Go headsets if it isn't resolved.

Level 8
I think its a forgone conclusion the fix has been tampered with..
100 % success rate then suddenly no one having any luck at all. 

Level 2
This sucks - i was doing fine then my phone app suddenly decided i  was logged into the wrong facebook profile and now i'm fucked. what a load of bull this is

Thank you for reaching out to Oculus Support. A support ticket (1675799 has been created for you.

We aim to respond to your request within 2 business days. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Level 2
FACEBOOK, Do you have a crack team dedicated solely to doing stupid, F'd up shit to piss people off? If so, hats off, that's probably the most productive team you have. Cambridge Analytica; dismissing the threat and failing to act aggressively to stop foreign governments and others from using your platform to attempt to influence the election; giving companies our data you said you'd protect, oh, the list goes on.

Level 3
No further responses to support tickets - so either I wait unknown period for the scheduled deletion to complete, or merge the Oculus account with a different FB account, eg son's account. 

DO they care if the names don't match 100%?

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Using someone else’s Facebook account isn’t ideal, because the Oculus account is permanently absorbed into it, and the Facebook account becomes your identity for all things Oculus, and the owner of all your content. 

Have you tried doing a factory reset on the Quest 2, so that the unwanted Oculus account is not active on a device? Just wondering if that’s what’s holding up the process. 

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Level 2

I have had exactly the same problem. In fact I was totally
unaware that I already had an oculus account (which I obviously do not use) linked
to my Facebook account.    I only
found out once I tried to set up my new Oculus quest 2 And merge the account
which I do use to Facebook. Have had a ticket in with Oculus which was then
forwarded to Facebook 12 days ago and I have had absolutely no response at all!
 I've now tried your solution and it has
worked!  So much appreciated. It is quite
shocking that Facebook are unable (or do not have the resource Since they are
currently overwhelmed with account merging issues) to figure out the simple fix.

Level 2

Just an additional note which may help people to make this
fix work. I found I had to delete both the Oculus app and the Facebook app from
my phone after I had deleted the Oculus account which I wanted to get rid of. I
then reinstalled both these apps before beginning the merge process.