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SPUD! Rift CV1

Level 2

So on my old PC build I managed to sort my mura out so it was still there but a lot better than it was when I first installed. Back in those days I think we were getting the wrong SPUD files for our devices.


Now back in those days and up until the middle of last year (not played VR since then as my GPU died) my SPUD folder contained my proper spud file and that was it. It NEVER generated the Mashed file in 2 years of using it. I have read that the mashed file can make your mura worse?


Now I have my new PC I am using my old SPUD file but the mashed file keeps generating and my mura is now not as good as it was.


Is there a way to keep spud on but stop the mashed file from generating? I'm hoping this will put my mura back to how it was?


I don't want to turn spud off as I don't want the issues that come with that.


Any ideas? Has an update changed anything?






Level 2

Hi Future Coope,


I'm leaving you a reply in case you get hit by a bus and forget what you need to do. I've figured this out. It's not as good as it was before because you have to do something before every play which is:


Start Oculus.

Open Spud folder.

Physically unplug Rift's USB but leave HDMI.

Delete spud and mashed files.

Plug USB back into PC.


The spud and mashed files won't reappear but the Rift will come back on. This will fix your mura issues. You'll still have it but it's much better. Spud is still on because there are none of the spud off related issues such as smearing blacks.




Past Coope.