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Saved VR Videos disappearing

Level 3

Recently, any previously or new saved VR Videos (Under the "Saved" menu) disappear when accessing them.  How it occurs is: I'll click on "saved" from the explore menu, I'll see my saved VR Videos and wishlist, then, suddenly the VR Videos disappear after a few seconds.

Anyone else with this issue?  


Level 2

Yep, exact same issue here...teases you for a few seconds then the videos disappear and just leave the wishlisted games.

Level 2

Happening to me to. Any way to fix this?


Same problem here, though it isn't seconds it's more like fractions of a second! It vanishes nearly as quickly as the preview thumbnails load up.


Very frustrating!

Level 2

I have the same problem.  Used to go away if I turned it off, then on again, but that no longer fixes it.  I did a factory reset...did not help.


Level 3

Wondering if Oculus support even cares about it.  I've sent them emails on it, and have read other comments about this happening.  We're on v30 now and issue still exists.