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Scene shift

Level 3
In Toy box or the Oculuc touch first contact the scene shifts sometimes on me the desk in both apps moves over or the entire room I guess you could say. do I have the sensors wrong or is the headset not tight enough? any help would be great thank you

Level 9
Are you maybe covering the headset with your hands? I do that on occasion (because I constantly adjust to get the get the clearest picture). This of course covers the sensors on the HMD and can make the scene shift.

Level 13
Mine was doing that and having constant HDMI headset issues.  I switched to another USB port and it stopped doing both those things. 

Level 3
thanks for the help I will try and pay attention to this it might be... 

Level 3
I too have noticed the scene shifting in both of those apps. I thought at first I was facing the wrong way and occluding the sensors but it happened for no apparent reason with my hands by my side.

Level 3
I have not seen any HDMI issues that I have noticed, I have the Asus G11CD-B11 from best buy bundle that they offer so it is Oculus certified. it is at the low end of the spec though I guess. I had the scene shift in super hot though last night as well so not just the 2 games. my play area is smaller than recommended though