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Setting up DK2 at 2021 - from begining

Level 2

Hey guys!

I know that some of you are still using Oculus DK2. I started work as CGI artist recently, and I was given Oculus DK2 to see if I can menage to set it up. It would be great to have any VR set at home to work with it.


Can anyone help me to to set up my gear? Can anyone who successful menage describe whole process from beginning to the end? I'm sure that if we can make it many people will be glad.


For now I installed Oculus Rift software (Oculus: The program can see that I have Oculus DK2 plugged in. When I put it and turn on headset I can see white space with gridlines at cailing and floor. In front of me there is warning windows suspended in the middle. It says something about VR googles safety and the last sentence says "Press any botton to continue". This is the point when I have troubles. I clicked everything at keyboard and mouse but nothing ever happened. I will try with Xbox controler but I don't have it yet. I also know that many people used runtime SDK 0.8 to set up. I'm afraid to install this and make a conflict, since I have Oculus 34.0.0 already installed.

So, can you guys and girls:

1. Describe your whole process of setting up from beginning to the end?

2. Give me some advice what to do next in my case?
3. Tell me if i should or not to install SDK 0.8 runtime?

Thank you everyone who want to help me and other people who want to use DK2
Kind regards,