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Shipping labels scaming people *bs support*

Level 2
I have been going back and forth with the oculus "support" for almost a year. Only started to get somewhere in the last 3 or so months. I finally recieved a shipping label for the defective device. But guess what UPS wont ship it as it comes with a hazorsous materials label. UPS will not take the item via air. I explained the issue throughly to the Support. UPS will only do 3 day  fround shipping because of that hazardous materials label(battery) finally i recieved the new shiping label. WHICH HAD THE SAME PROBLEM! 
More contact with support giving no explaination just to wait. 

Now im still in limbo going back and forth with their 
So called supprt.

I can't be the first one dealing with this mess. Any advice? Did anyone just not include the hazardous label? What happened? 

I feel taken advantage of wasting my time so they never have to do anything. Cheaper to have people type than pay to Get anything fixed. 

Level 14
Ya, I just included the hazardous label supplied by Oculus along with your mailing labels and I did not have any problems.  Maybe try reading the return instructions again.  Good luck.

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