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Should the serial number on box/packaging be the same as headset?

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Hello everyone,

       I've have just received the item and unpacked them, I noticed that S/N on headset is different than S/N on packaging

If im not wrong, both should be the very same S/N.

Finding the serial number for your Meta Quest 2 headset and controllers 

I ask a seller and he said for Oculus Quest 2, it can be different and he found about 5 boxes which do so.

I think it's ridiculous if this isn't a mistake from packaging line but intention from Meta.

Hopefully you guys check your own and give a feedback.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! @WingXero It's completely normal for there to be different serial numbers on the box and headset. The serial number on the box is for the unit. And the serial number on the headset is just for that headset. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. Thanks!





seriously? have you read some words in the link yet? 

"find S/N to see your headset's serial number" meaning S/N on the box should be the same as on headset. 



As long as your headset s/n physically located on the headset matches what your mobile and device report the I wouldn’t worry about it.  Your warranty is for your headset and controllers, not the Box, lol!

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think about the item you purchased as new, and when you unbox it and check overall and notice that it does not seem new. That can mean someone put a used one to the box and sell as new one.


If it was actually New (or a refurbished replacement) it should be pretty well perfect.  This looks like a very minor casting defect to me, not something that would happen during use.  As long as the headset worked properly I don't think it would bother me but if it bothers you then simply contact Oculus support and start a ticket.


I actually dug out my original 1.5yo Q2 box and checked the s/n's (bought this from Amazon btw).  The last 4 digits seem to line up ok but the rest is different.  So maybe like support already told you the box s/n is more for the batch and the info on the support website is incorrect.  This often seems to be the case these days, lol!  


The s/n reported on both my Oculus desktop pc app device and the s/n reported on my Oculus account device info, plus the physical one located on my headset all line up perfectly.  I don't see any s/n's reported on my mobile smartphone device info, just that it's connected ok.  So maybe the mobile app no longer reports these?


Anyway, sorry I can not help you further mate.  Cheers.

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro

I’m having a problem returning my meta quest 2 to Walmart they refuse to refund me because serial numbers didn’t match. What should I do?

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I bought a second hand unit yesterday and just returned it because of this. The receipt and the second hand cex warranty referred to the box serial and not the headset - so what is to stop someone switching out the purchased headset for another?!? 

We check both the box and device serial numbers against customers devices on their profile. They have to match. We can easily tell what belongs to the customer and what doesn't.


What!!! what exactly is your awareness? 4 weeks ago you said "It's completely normal for there to be different serial numbers on the box and headset." now you said "They have to match".

You know what, I'm really tried to explain about this.

When you buy electronic equipments such as notebook, PS5, television, even refrigerator. Serial numbers on box and hardware must be the same one. If they not, that completely means abnormal.