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Level 2

Hi i got a problem with sidequest, my device connected succesfully but i cant download any game, there is just get on oculus button(redirects me to game page on oculus site) instead of install to headset. i try to get games on oculus first and then restart sidequest but nothing happen.


Thanks for any help or tips! have a good day.


Level 12

A couple of items to check for:

1. Do you have a developer account?
2.Did you have the developer account option enabled on your quest?
3.Did you download the adb driveres?
4.Did you accept the rsa key when connected to side quest?

Yes, i already figure it out, when i get it on oculus from sidequest it apears in headset library so i must install from here, not from sidequest.


Thanks for help 🙂