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Solved - Quest 2 First time setup Stuck at 0% update

Level 4

Just got a new quest 2, started setup, paired, got a new update. But its not at all updating.. Its been 4 hours.. Still at 0% 👌😒.



Same here, all new customers are not able to setup their VR.

Level 3

Did you get any Support jet? Seems to be a general temporale issue… since it’s the same situation with a lot of other new Users and also with me, here in Germany! 

Naah, no immediate fix, just generic response that they are looking into it. Glad to know its not some regional issue, it is indeed a issue for everyone, that means they have to fix it. 

Ja! Good… can’t wait 😜 

Level 2

I am having the exact same issue

Here too maybe the Servers are down or something?

came here looking for a fix to this issue as well.

@OculusSupport would you help us? 🙂

Hi, I just bought my oculus quest 2 I initialized and connected the controller and wifi and connected it to the app but it is now 2 hours that it tells me software update in progress the problem is that it is now still at 0% despite being connected to wifi, what should I do?

I just upgraded my oculus go to a quest 2 today I’m also are having issues updating I hope it’s sorted soon I’ve never had any issues before.