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Someone help me... All my games/apps are missing!

Level 2
Today I turned on my Oculus Quest and all my games/apps were all of a sudden listed as unknown sources in my device's data. I decided to delete them and try to reinstall them. However, after deleting the unknown sources (and restarting) I went into the store on my quest to see if I could re-download them and the button that would normally show 'Purchase' now is just a spinning circle. I decided to give it a go on my phone which I thought gave me better success for a moment since the store on the iOS Oculus app actually allowed me to redownload the games but put them in a download queue... One that never actually downloads on my Quest.

One thing of note... The quest crashed/froze when I was using the Netflix app before this issue came up. Strangely, the Netflix app was the ONLY app still installed on my quest. And when I went to uninstall it the uninstall process simply stuck. So I went nuclear and deleted the device's data manually on the Oculus website. Now the Netflix app is gone... but it's also the only app the shows up as 'Uninstalled apps'...

What is going on?! I can see my purchases in my order history... I don't even know where to start.

Level 2
Same thing just happened to me and oculus wont respond

Level 2
The same happened to me  but once I turned off developer mode got all my apps back 

Level 2
Same thing happened to me but I don't know what to do?????

Level 2

Fixed it! I had the same problem as well. ragingbull68 was right. On your phone Oculus app, under settings, more settings, developer mode, turn off developer mode. This should fix everything. I was able to turn it back on again afterwards.

Developer mode was already off for me and my games are still gone

Level 3

Same thing. So pissed 

Level 2

Throwing in that I've got the same issue, quick update on my headset when I turned it on this morning and now I don't have access to any of my apps. I can see they're all associated to the account logged in, it's even recommending me DLC for the Beat Saber game on my headset that I can't play. Wtf?


Does anyone know what the actual issue is? From what I've read it seems to be some sort of issue where Facebook / Oculus has to verify the people that own the apps before they can play them, and that system/server is having issues if I understand it right.


I haven't had good experience with Oculus Support in the past so I really hope we don't have to go that route 😕 

Level 3

Same thing is happening to me right now, I'll let you know if I figure out how to fix it

Level 2

Seems like there's something wrong with the most recent update... I haven't played my Oculus for at least a month, so I updated the system, and all my software is gone, but the game is still occupying some storage space. I have the 64GB version, and it said there's around 30GB storage left, while all the space has been occupied (system, pictures etc) only takes up to 13 GB, which means my game originally is around 17GB and turned invisible.

Level 2

Yep same thing here. I used my headset this morning, everything was fine. Now all my apps are gone. Can't install anything from the store, download button doesn't show up.