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Sound doesnt work on gorilla tag

Level 2

I have oculus 2, sound works in all the games but not gorilla tag, people can hear me I cant hear them,


Ive rebooted and done a factory reset but no change


Please can you help


Level 2

I have to same problem, have you found a fix ?


Level 2

Same issue now started with my sons, has anybody found a fix to this yet?

Hey everyone! We'd love to point you in the right direction! You can contact Gorilla Tag support through the link here: Contact Us! There, the Gorilla Tag support agents will be able to provide you with more accurate steps as to how they would fix the issue. We wish we knew more about this issue, but since you have already completed the steps we would have recommended, our next step would be to reach out to Gorilla Tag's support contact! We hope this helps!