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Star Trek Bridge Crew DLC Quest to PC

Level 2
I purchased Star Trek Bridge Crew from the Oculus store and have since downloaded it to my PC using my Oculus client program.
The install on my Quest includes the DLC but on my PC it is not there and impossible to buy or add in any way...
There is no in game app purchases available, just a screen on my left when I enter the game telling me there is a DLC available...
Any help appreciated.

Level 8
I purchased the Quest version only but on the Rift store i see this.
Then when i Click the DLC below ( Note it says $0.00 )
I then see the bottom pic .. I had to install one at a time. 



Level 2
Yes mine showed this but when I clicked on it didn't work and prompted me to contact Oculus Support...
I have figured it out anyway,
I had to open my Oculus app on my phone and go to purchases, scroll down to Star Trek and click on it, then find the DLC and click purchase, which was £0.00
I then had to connect the app to my headset and plug in the link cable to my pc, then open Oculus Client, went to my library and Star Trek was showing an update which was the DLC 🙂
Hope this helps others...

Level 8
I also purchased the Steam version which was on a bundle deal of £15.24.
I bought this so i could also play in Desktop Mode without a Headset but turns out this seems to run better via Oculus Link than the Rift version with the added bonus of never losing content from your Oculus Library.
Im kind of grabbing all my content on steam now as well when they come up on offer ( most are available ).. Just in case i leave the Quest altogether in favour of another Headset in the future.