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Steam compatibility

Level 2
Dear community

I don't have my rift yet, but i do have some questions about the store. In the store i saw this game "project cars", this game is  also available on steam, for the same price (of course). I was just wondering, if i buy this game on steam, would It also be in my oculus library? If not can i still play it with the oculus?

Another game i would love to play with the oculus is "The forest" ( Will it be possible to play steam games that claim to be oculus compatible through steam (just by using in-game options for exemple)? Im just afraid oculus wil be like a console, that you have to buy the game for the console (in the oculus store) even if you already own the game on a different platform (like steam). Of course buying a game twice on a pc would be completely ridiculous, so i hope this will be easely compatible with steam games :wink: 

If this isn't the case ill have to reconsider buying the rift since i already own alot of vr-compatible games on steam :neutral: