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SteamVR games no longer showing up in Oculus Library, not able to add either

Level 2

Hi, I've recently got back to VR with Oculus. Oculus detected all my installed VR games and I've easily added them to my library.


I've bought a new SSD to give my games more space and to put the VR games on my older SSD. After this, the SteamVR games I've launched through Oculus only launches with the actual .exe file, rather than through SteamVR first and then the game. With this method, Steam also does not detect I am in-game. I removed the games so I could re-add them, but they are no longer detected by Oculus.


I have tried reinstalling Steam, SteamVR and Oculus, to no avail. The only application it still detects is SteamVR. Even trying to use Oculus Tray Tool does not work; Oculus Tray Tool does not detect any game either.

I did some diagnosing, and it seems like it only detects SteamVR games installed on the C:\ drive. Nothing for my other 4.


Anyone have a possible solution? Thanks!