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Sticky trigger ONLY when defining play area

Level 2

When I go to "define play area" in guardian setup, my controller trigger becomes sticky and constantly is defining a play area.  This makes it very hard to actually define it but also prevents me from confirming it because the trigger is constantly firing.  I did switch to stationary mode without any problem and was able to use all apps normally with not trigger button issues at all.  I have swapped batteries, reset a few times and no luck.  This happens with either controller I go into the guardian setup as well, it is making it impossible to use my quest 2 without being locked into stationary mode.


Level 3

I would reset the headset completely and start fresh.  Make sure  the room is lit properly and you have nothing like a computer , direct sunlight , tv on etc that has a frequency that would bother the camera during this process.  Take microfiber cloth and gently wipe each camera throughly.  Go into gaurdian setting on the headset and "clear history" then go lower to gaurdian sensitivity and drag all the way to low.  Make sure the other thing is toggled off. When you draw pattern hold the trigger down constantly while you are drawing the circle like you would to spray paint something.  If all that doesn't work I'm sorry and definitely should contact support directly with a ticket number and all.  Hope it helps tho 

Level 2

Having the SAME exact issue. 


When I boot up my Quest 2 and start defining a play area, the right trigger gets stuck indefinitely, and the only way to fix it is to restart. That usually fixes it but it happens again everytime I redraw the guardian. 

I'm assuming the latest update broke something cuz this was not an issue until recently.