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Still getting error when adding payment method

Level 4
No info is wrong. Simply wont let me add a payment method to buy anything from the store. Another day, another problem with Oculus. Somebody other than the mod please help because I know im just going to be told "Please submit a support ticket", which is valid but CS doesnt respond for at least 5 days or more.

Level 2
Does anyone still have issues? I have been dealing with this since November and Support has been useless

Level 3
Have you tried to add your card to PayPal and add PayPal as default payment method in Oculus? It worked for me and I'm now able, at least for the moment, to buy games.

Level 2
I am in the same boat tried two cards with three browsers on Two computers,my phone and the headset itself.

The issue is not either payment method as they are added to every other gaming service with no problem. I am sort of upset as i am being told to wait 5-7 days for a solution which from what i see on forums may never happen. As it literally defeats the purpose of the quest 2 being portable when i could have got a second hand Rift S for cheaper and used steam vr only.

Level 2
I'm having this issue now. Different cards, PayPal account, different browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox. No luck. I opened a support ticket, but so far no help - just gave me the boiler plate response of make sure you have a good card. I just accepted a 10 dollar freebie coupon from them. Maybe that messed things up somehow. 

Level 2
Be careful, I tried adding a visa card via the oculus app and hitting add did nothing so I pressed it a few more times. Still no response from the app so I prodded it a few more times before giving up.  Next day I discovered my card had been blocked by my bank and 15 occurrences of suspicious activity had been flagged up (probably the amount of times I prodded the add card button).  So yeah, their payment system isnt the best.