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Store Credit

Level 2

I got an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas last year and everyone tells me I should have gotten store credit when I activated it but never did.  I have looked for codes on my box and instruction manual but nothing.  How can I get the store credit?


Level 6

Did you get a referral link from a friend and send it back to him before you activated the Quest?

After activating the Quest you can't use this link anymore to get the store credit.

George Clark <>

7:44 AM (56 minutes ago)




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I actually thought when buying the oculus you received store credit.  I have had adds offering the Oculus Quest 2 with store credit of $30.00 and $50.00 and after talking to others who bought and received their credit wondered where my credit was.  Looked for codes on the box and other resources but I guess I didn't get the credit.  I've bought a couple games since I got my oculus and was curious as to how to get the credit I should have gotten.

Oh, I didn't know that you can receive a store credit by buying a Quest.
Thought it works only with referral link from a friend. The referral link is only useable to activate the Quest. That's how I got my €30 store credit and my friend as well.
But I don't want to tell you something wrong..... maybe I didn't know about this option

Nope. No answers. Now I saw where you get credits with subscriptions and received an email I had 2 new subscriptions but when I click on subscriptions in my profile it says you have no subscriptions,  Crazy



i'm not sure if i understand what you mean....did you subscribe an app or not?

And I've never heard something about getting store credit by subscribe to an app.

Maybe we are talking about different things?🤔

Hey Choleni! We see there is a bit of confusion pertaining to how the referral program works. Let us clear all that up for you! 


You can check out all the referral details on the Meta store website here.


We hope you have a great day and that this helps you take advantage of the referral benefits! 

I will have to save the adds I get and send you a link.  I don't understand myself.  I read somewhere you can get credits for subscribing I don't know to what but then the next day I had an email saying I got 2 new subscriptions so I signed in and checked but it said I had no subscriptions so there's that but I also get adds to receive credit, 30 to 50 for purchasing the Oculus.  I read the whole add and no where does it refer to a referral from a friend.  Just buy, activate and receive credit.  I'm just as confused as you are but the next time I get 1 of these adds I will post the link.

Hey oculus support,

Thanks for your reply...but it's not me having problems with the referral program...I got my credit months ago through a referral link from a friend.😁

It's Georgie120760 having trouble getting credit...and the only confusion is that I was talking about the referral program and he's talking about a way to get credit that I've never heard of.

Hi Georgie

that is interesting and I would like to see it.
I don't get such adds...probably because the quest isn't sold in my country (bought mine abroad)