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Strange white smear(Oculus Link)

Level 2

Hello everyone I recently got my official oculus link cable and had no issue setting it up, its connected to the back of my motherboard using the USB C port.

Everything works fine apart from a this issue I'm having while playing it also sometimes happens in the oculus hub. So while testing out no mans sky and walking dead saints and sinners among a few more other games, this strange pixelated white see through line that appears on the screen, not sure how to describe it, what's odd is that if I press the oculus button on my controller then press it again to go back into the game it sort of refreshes the screen and it'll go away for a while (not on all games) then it'll come back again.

Does anyone know what might be causing it?

Cpu i7700K Graphics card GTX 1080FTW

Any help would be appreciated

I took a few pictures with my phone you can see the white smear I'm talking about hopefully that'll diagnose the problem.




The second and third picture really shows it, (was playing elite dangerous) its almost looks like a cloud in the middle of the screen.


Level 3

You're not crazy at all. This is a current known issue with the Link software.