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Stuck on infinite loading

Level 2

When I go to connect my quest to the PC it's just a black screen with 3 dots. I can't figure out how to fix this someone please help me.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Gamingoos! We see you're experiencing display issues, and we'd like to help. We'll need a little more information to get to the root of the issue. Please respond with the answers to the following questions: 


Does your PC meet the minimum requirements? Take a look at this list to find out.

Are you using Oculus Link or Air Link?

Have you ever been able to connect your Quest to your PC?

When did this issue start?


Once you respond with this information, we'll be happy to help you out further. 


This started happening after the Windows 11 update. So I changed it back to Windows 10 and it still would give the infinite loading screen and give a pop up saying that the headset couldn't be found even though it said it was connected before I went into air link

Hello Gamingoos, we noticed that you're continuing to experience loading issues. In order to get the assistance you need, we will need to gather more information from you. With that said, please click here to submit a support ticket. 


We look forward to assisting you. 🙂