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Stuck on profile selection screen -- tracking problems?

Level 3

I put on my headset, it shows me my profile pic and asks me to continue or select another user.  Problem is, there's no controller input so I can't select.  Also the tracking isn't working, so the image sticks to the front of my face.  Every 6 seconds, the tracking will start working just for a split second, and the controllers will vibrate...  like things are starting to work just for that instant, and then goes back to being stuck to my face and controllers don't work.

I can hold the power button to get to the restart/shutdown menu, but no inputs work.  If I hold the power button long enough, I can get the headset to power down and then I can restart it.  I've restarted it this way several times now.

If I'm super fast, I can use the volume rocker to select "continue" in that split second, and then it takes me to a "Tracking lost" screen.  There's a continue button, but it won't let me select it, even with the volume rocker in that split second.


Any ideas?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, SubCog! We heard that you needed some guidance on resolving the tracking issues you've come across, and we'd love to help.

Let's start with performing a factory reset on your headset to see if this gets rid of that pesky tracking issue. We recommend performing the reset through the Oculus mobile app because it will be much easier to navigate through the app. After your headset is powered on, go ahead and proceed  with set up steps as before to see if the issue continues.

If the problem persist, please let us know so that we can continue to help!

Level 3

I tried the factory reset, and I'm still having the same problem...  except now I'm stuck on the first setup screen.


Actually I made a video to show the problem: 

Is it just the controllers, or is the headset tracking acting up too? Try cleaning the sensors on the headset with a soft microfiber cloth without any abrasive cleaners. Sometimes, these sensors can get dirty, dusty, or have fingerprints on them which blocks the sensors, causing tracking loss. It might also be worth taking out the batteries in your controllers for 30 minutes, then replacing them with new batteries. Has anything changed about your play space since it stopped working? I.e. lighting, new curtains, blinds, etc.?


Since we can't access external links, we ask that you send the video over in an MP4 format (if the forums will let you upload a file that big), or alternatively upload the video to YouTube, so we can view it to help out further!

Hey there! Just following up to see if you were still having tracking issues with your headset/controllers! If you still needed help, just let us know about that info, so we can see what else we can do!

They RMA'd it, and are sending me a replacement unit.  I expect that'll fix it, unless there's something REALLY wrong!

Oh no! That's okay, we're sure you'll be back to gaming in VR soon! The replacement unit should definitely fix the tracking issues you were experiencing, so long as your problem was hardware related, and not to do with your play space environment. (fingers crossed!) If you have any questions, the agents working your case will be able to address them in the e-mail they reached out to you with.