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Stucked on "Stationary mode"

Level 2


since last evening i've a strange problem with my quest 2 device.

The guardian is stucked on STATIONARY way to change it in ROOM SCALE.

I've tried everyting...hard reset - disable and re-enable guardian by developer mode - clean camera lens - change controller battery - setup the refresh al 60hz - draw the boundaires agai, and again, and again.... 

Nothing to do...after i choose to activate ROOM SCALE MODE.....nothing happen...the guardian say to me STATIONARY. 

But if i move through the play room i see the correct boundaires appear...

What happen? The room scale is active? If the guardian still say me "stationary" is only a bug of label? 

Someone can help me? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, we see your player mode is stuck in stationary. We see how that can be a little annoying and confusing when the Guardian says one thing, but it performs another. Since the boundaries still work for you when you move around, we would appreciate it if you would report this bug so our team can get right on it. 😊👍

Level 9

Are there any new lights in a room? Like Christmas lights?

Nothing is changed. Lights are the same, as usual. 😔