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Stuttering issues on Link, AirLink and VD using Quest 2

Level 2

I've had pretty bad stuttering issues ever since I got my Quest 2. Whenever I move my hands or my head using Link, AirLink or VD, the motion will be very choppy. Not the framerate though. This only affects the refresh rate of my body moving in VR. I checked frametimes in SteamVR and it never got above the 11ms threshold while stuttering all the time.

However, all of this only happens when the quest is connected to the PC. I also tried my old CV1 on the same machine which did not have any stutter even with 2x resolution. 


So far I've tried:
-Updating Graphics drivers
-Downgrading Graphics Drivers to 446.14 (the last good one apparently)
-closing every app except Oculus and SteamVR
-Increasing priority of oculus tasks in task manager
-trying different usb ports (using link)
-trying different usb cables (using link)

PC Specs:
GTX 1080ti
Ryzen 7 3800x
16 DDR4 RAM @ 3000mhz
Samsung 970 Evo
TUF B450 Pro Gaming


Level 2

Hi everyone

I've got stuttering issues with my quest 2 in VD, Steam Vr, with oculus link and air link as well I tried everything what I found on Google but is still there like micro lags and lags my pc spec is:

Rtx 3090

I7 5960X cpu on 4 ghz

Gskill 64 GB 3200 mhz

EVGA X99 ftw k motherboard

Quest 2 connected on original link cable on mob.