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Stuttering problem (motion-to-photon latency spikes); only happens when Dash isn't active.

Level 3
With the latest Oculus update (1.21.0), I'm having an odd performance problem that seems to "fix" itself when Dash is pulled up or a window is "pinned" to the active app.

Using Oculus Tray Tool to monitor performance, in the Oculus Home environment for instance, the motion-to-photon latency rapidly spikes from the low 20's into the mid-to-high 20's, causing judder that's especially noticeable with the Touch controllers.  The odd thing however, is that if I have Oculus Dash pulled up or have a dash window pinned so it's showing in Home, the motion-to-photon latency stays at a smooth 22-ish, and the judder goes away, despite the full Home environment still being fully rendered in the background.

Any idea what's up here, and anyone experiencing the same thing?  I'd assume it's just a case of beta being beta, but I just found it odd since I haven't seen too much mentioned from other people experience this odd, specific issue.


ASRock X99 Extreme4 
980 Ti
i7 5820K
16gb RAM

Level 5
Me too, also getting micro stutters every 3 seconds or so as well. Robo recall is a slideshow.

Specs: Lenovo Legion y720 laptop. Windows 10 64bit, GTX 1060m, 8g ram, i7700, 256 SSD. I’m sure that home should be able to run my spec. It’s just so crazy how imbalanced it is on the forums. There are a lot of people that don’t have any issues at all and some that always have them. Of course I’m on the later.

Level 2
seeing same micro stutter