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Stuttering until I alt tab

Level 2

I was running an i5 with Geforce 1080, now switched to a i7 7700k with the geforce 1080 but since i formatted and reinstalled the games start fine but after 5-10 mins play it starts lagging and stuttering, the only way to fix it is by alt-tab in and out of the window and the game works. What could be the issue here as I have tried changing USB around, reinstalled software, just seems to keep doing it and have to keep alt-tab game every 5-10 mins

Level 2
Seems an idle issue. If I move the mouse or alt tab to another app it runs fine. Cant find out what is causing this though...

Level 7
Check your power management as well and see if set to high performance. 
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Level 12
Is it possible that any background apps could be stealing focus from the game window?

I've noticed that I get graphical glitches / mild stuttering in VR apps if I intentionally alt-tab out of a game window to something else, that always goes away after returning focus to the game app.   And occasionally when I launch Elite Dangerous it won't automatically have focus to start with.
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Level 7
I would also check your GPU usage and see if your 1080 is downclocking. I've had issues with less detailed VR experiences not pushing my 1080 enough to the point where it thought it could run in a power-saving mode.
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Level 2
Did you happen to find a solution for it ? I'm having the same exact issue . My 1080 is running real smooth until I get that stutter. In task manager I saw the gpu and cpu go up to 99% under a program called mint, I'm wondering what is it

Level 3
This happens to me too. In iracing, I get crazy stuttering about every minute. Makes it unplayable. BUT! If I just click on the Start, hit windows key or just select any other window - basically, make sure that the iRacing window is NOT focused, it runs smooth without any issues.

Level 2
Same. Is there no resolution to this? Everything was working fine, if I remember correctly, I decided to try my friend's copy of Doom VFR, get a minute into the game and it starts stuttering. It repeated the issue when I tried the game again and gave up. Now my oculus games (like Onward and To The Top!) suffer the same issue, I have learned that even the smallest mouse click can fix it but its still so irritating. 

Level 16
Can you upload your LogGatherer zip file here? See this thread for how to get that file.
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Level 7
This could be processor scheduling.
My guess is your scheduling is on 'Programs' and when an application is running in the foreground the OVR service wont get enough/fast enough cpu time and it starts stuttering.

You can check your processor scheduling at:
Window key+pause > Advanced system settings > Tab Advanced > Under performance click button 'Settings' > Tab advanced.