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Stuttering until I alt tab

Level 2

I was running an i5 with Geforce 1080, now switched to a i7 7700k with the geforce 1080 but since i formatted and reinstalled the games start fine but after 5-10 mins play it starts lagging and stuttering, the only way to fix it is by alt-tab in and out of the window and the game works. What could be the issue here as I have tried changing USB around, reinstalled software, just seems to keep doing it and have to keep alt-tab game every 5-10 mins

Level 3
are you saying to put it on Background services in order to play? cause ive been suffering from this,and it is driving me insane. i even bought a new video card,but did not solve it

Level 16
Stuttering can be caused by conflicting applications running in the background. For example Asus AI Suite and Asus Sonic Suite can cause tracking problems and need to be uninstalled. Apps that record or overlay the screen should be disabling, like MSI Afterburner, RivaTuner, F.lux, TeamViewer, etc. Some other apps can also be problematic like M-Audio. Hope that helps.
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Level 2
Would someone help me with this issue I have th exact same problem in iracing...Just got the oculus today

Level 2

Try running the game in windowed mode, this worked for many
players to fix game stuttering issue. Also update the graphic card driver and
adjust the in-game settings.