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Subtitles in Asgard's Wrath

Level 2

I purchased Lone Echo a couple nights ago and was disappointed to discover that there are no subtitles in game.  (And I need them to enjoy any game I play)

I uninstalled it, then began looking form something else to try.  Asgard's Wrath looks amazing, and a quick search pointed to several articles in 2019 that said the Devs will soon add subtitles to the game.


So I downloaded it tonight and sadly don't find any subtitles in it or options to turn them on.


Am I missing where to turn them on at?


I REALLY want to enjoy this game!  Please, Oculus implement them in this game and others for that matter.


Facebook seems to be a company that caters to every odd demographic known to man.  Why not help the millions of people like myself who simply cant hear good enough to enjoy a game (or tv show) without subtitles?