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Support ticket active for 4 days with no response

Hi, I was wondering how long it will take to get a response on my ticket. The only message I have gotten is:
"Your request (3313638) has been updated.
If you have any further questions or comments, please reply to this email." (translated with google)

I have tried 2 times before to get my ticket through but each time the tickets have been terminated and I get stuck with automated messages.


My support ticket was submitted 18 days ago and I still haven't heard back. I've sent several emails asking for updates. No response. My headset is stuck on the Oculus logo while booting. Factory resets didn't fix it. So I'm stuck with a dead headset and Oculus support won't reply to me. 😔


I waited for 48 hours as you suggested, but (surprise, surprise) nobody has emailed me with an update.


It would be professional to get in touch with an ETA at the very least. Can you please provide some kind of update?