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Level 2

My internet is fine but nothing will load on my oculus quest 2. All of my games are gone even the tutorial and other already downloaded stuff. When I go on the oculus app everything is still there, my headset is just really weird. Please help I'm really bored.


Try logging out of the app on your phone, before logging back in again and restarting the headset. That worked for me a few days ago when I had the same symptoms.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We'd be happy to help cure that boredom and get you back to enjoying your Quest 2! Let's give a headset reboot a try. 


To reboot your Quest 2:

  1. With your headset on, hold the power button on the right side of your headset down until you're prompted with a shut-down screen.
  2. Select Restart to reboot your Quest 2 or Quest.

Once you have performed a reboot, please try signing out and then back into your Oculus account


If those steps don't seem to do the trick, please click here ( or on our name to get to our profile page, then click "Send a Message" to privately contact us. Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. We hope this helps!