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TEMP SOLUTION: Games Not Downloading All the Way // The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners

Level 2
Note: I didn't discover this. Another member on a similar thread did. But can't for the life of me find it. So credit goes to them.

If you're having the issue of a download only reaching halfway and suddenly stopping, this is what worked for me. 

I live in a very Rural area so thought my bad internet was to blame. It probably is. 

But here's what I did to get the huge 7.88 GB Walking Dead to FINALLY install after several days of failed attempts. 

1. Start the download in your headset
2. Turn the wi-fi off in your headset about every 15-20 minutes (Original thread said 20-30 but I did every 15 to play caution to the wind)
3. Wait for about 10 seconds, then turn the wifi back on in the headset. 
4. Continue this process until the game finishes downloading. 

Hopefully that helps anyone else who's been frustrated with the same problem can finally play their games!


Level 4
 I was going to come and spread the good news too. You beat me to it.

 This method works. I have finally been able to install Walking Dead and several other games i couldn't before.