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THE WORST CUSTOMER CARE I have ever had!!!

Level 2

I sent in my Oculus headset for repair.  They lost it for over 1 month.  Today I received it and they didnt even look at it.  Its still defective!!  Unbelievable . I have gone through over 40 emails back and forth trying to get my Oculus back or a replacement and they said they are working on it.  They never worked on anything!!!!  

  Do yourself a favor and go with another compan y for VR as this company is a complete failure.  Its amazing that a company like facebook cant handle customer service.  I contacted the BBB and they told me they have an F rating and will not be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. 


Level 3

It's true - their customer service is diabolical. Many of us are waiting on return shipping that never arrive, and they simply don't care. It's a case of a very poor company with a fantastic product. They'll never get a direct order from me again.

Level 2

Still waiting for my headset to be returned. Been over a month now, I would have lived with the defects had I known it was going to take this long. I've missed the entire season of Echo VR for the team I play on.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey! This is definitely not the support we like to provide to our customers. We apologize if you've had anything less than a great experience when contacting our support team. Recently we've had a backlog of return orders to fulfill so our response time hasn't lived up to our normal expectations. If you're still waiting on a return, please contact us with your order number and email linked to your Oculus account so we can look into the status of your replacement. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through this.