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TV sound is lagging from Oculus Quest2

Level 3


Is it normal, that sound on My Sony Bravia is lagging? I switch on any game on a Oculus and try to cast on a TV, but sound on the TV is all the time lagging. how to solve this issue?  


Level 12

It can lag if there a lot of devices on the 5g wifi band.

So if you have a lot of wifi devices turn off the wifi on those devices or move them to the 2.4 ghz band.

Level 3

Thanks for advise, but seems like I have 3 or 4 devices in 5g wifi band. TV, Oculus, my phone and PC. I'm not sure that it is much. 

With your pc in 5 ghz band it is hogging all the bandwidth.

Level 3

No,  this reason is not. Leaving only Oculus in network still lagging. 

Is this the only device that lags for you? I always see a delay of some sort when casting anything, not just Quest. If you cast your phone screen, does that have a lag? The display has to be transferred to the casting device (Chromecast in my case), processed by that and then transferred to the screen where it's processed again before display, all of which takes time. About 0.5 seconds in my case.