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TWD Saints and Sinners dl keeps failing

Level 2
Brand new Quest 2, opened it up, signed in (had a Quest 1), and have been trying to download TWD S&S all day today and it just keeps failing.  The dl speed is also super slow for some reason (great d/u speeds, coverage, etc. from my router too), but I figured Oculus's servers were getting hit hard.  It seems like whenever I start the dl, then the quest goes into sleep mode, at some point in about an hour or so it stops.  I check on it and it has stalled so I have to restart the dl and of course it starts back from 0.  I saw several 1 star reviews about this, but no solution.  Anyone have any ideas?  Please help!

Level 4
Same exact thing and I'm about ready to return my Quest 2. I get that the servers are probably being hammered right now after launch but how in the hell does their system not resume the download after an interruption??

Level 2
Same here... It's driving me crazy !
Can't they communicate about that ?!

Not applicable
Same problem here with Vader Immortal... How can they fail so badly at something so simple?
@OculusSupport, a solution would be more than appreciated!

Level 2
Same here and each time, I have to restart the download entirely. I can understand that the servers are very solicited due to the release of the OQ2 but everybody would win if the download mecanism could retrieve on failure instead of starting back from the beginning...

Level 4
Same thing happening for me with Vader immortal episode one. 

Level 4
I requested a refund for the game in hopes they'll fix this if everyone starts demanding their money back.

Level 2
Hey guys, dunno if you are still struggling with this but I am. Oculus support said its a known issue and they are working on it but offer no time frame for the fix.. which is insane considering its a new device. This would be fixed within a few hours on any other device I swear! Anyway I came across one fix that seems to help people: every 20-30 mins or so disconnect the wifi from within the headset for a minute or so and then reconnect, this gets it past the stuck phase and gets it dowbloaded. Hope this helps!

Level 4
 I found a solution that works.
 Turn Wifi off and on again once every hour maybe. It resets some kind of internal countdown and allows the downloads to keep on going.