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Terrible Customer Service and Support

Level 3

I am escalating to this forum because Warranty and Customer Support is a s--t show! My Oculus wlll no longer draw the guardian after a factory reset. I have dead pixels and werid digital boundary lines, everthing is distorted and setting the grid to the floor doesn't work. Hardware only works in static position with lots of distortion.


Been chatting with customer support for 3 days. Apparently, only the initial support agent can handle your case, why? Complete bull**bleep** after spending $400 plus on this gear that is still under warranty.


After many emails, here is the lame response: 

I truly appreciate you getting back to me with the details and feedback requested.


I kindly ask you to be patient while I look further into this for you. 


WIll get back to you as soon as I have updates.


REALLY? You need approval from a middle manager to get me an RMA for a product that is under warranty? UNACCEPTABLE. 


Been WAITING  3 days to get an RMA for a device under warranty.


Case#3207687 Look it up Oculus Support Manager who peruses these boards.