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The Blackout Glitch

The Blackout Glitch is affecting more and more people everyday. I've decided that it's just not worth using the headset any longer, but online friends have suggested that I at least join the "complaint chorus" to try to get Oculus to update their software....or, just as effective, revert their software back to what it was when it worked properly (for everyone, rather than just for a fortunate subgroup).


I did file a trouble ticket just now, but I expect nothing of it. I've started trouble tickets for other issues before, but they always ask for more information or for me to try something, upon which I respond with the information or my results and they just never respond again. It kind of makes the trouble ticket system a bit pointless. 


Attached is a link to a Facebook group post about the Blackout Glitch (one of many). Watch the video. The comments below it are important. Here's the most important comment:


"It's definitely a tracking issue, and the tracking issue is definitely a lighting issue. That doesn't mean that it's user error or that it's incumbent upon the user to do something differently. It's happening to way too many people all at once. Something changed in the headset. They did something to its software which severely degraded the tracking performance of the headset.


It's also like the common cold: when you get a cold, everyone wants to tell you their special cure...but the truth is, none of them work. Sometimes implementing a fix coincides with the problem going away for someone, but for everyone who think that it worked for them, there are many who implement the hopeful solution and it gets them nowhere. This is for Big Box to fix, or many people will become frustrated with their headsets and start putting them down rather than picking them up."


Level 2

100% this bug is annoying as hell. I've only started to experience it within the last six weeks or so, but nothing has changed about my play environment, so I have to assume it's software related. I think this must be a core Oculus software issue rather than an issue with a specific game. Thanks for posting!

Yep. I erroneously said Big Box, but I meant Oculus. I edited it.


Thanks for responding. Everyone who has posted elsewhere has said that Oculus is not taking the issue seriously as an Oculus problem, but rather minor adjustments which users need to make to their lighting, guardians, etc. The most common report is that they're told to clear their guardian history, go to a different room and draw a guardian there, then return to their normal play area and redraw the guardian there. (Doesn't work for anyone.) They need to see the extent to which this is affecting users: the subset of users experiencing the issue is not small.