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*They are currently fixing the Grey screen issue*

Level 2

I just got off chat with a Oculus personnel name Princess. She was so nice 😂. She said that Oculus knows about it and they are on it. She couldn't give me a when, but they are trying. I told her to relay the information to her manager so they can contact who ever controls the Social Media pages to get to doing their job and letting us know what's going on. I've been watching Twitter and Facebook like a hawk and nothing. So let's hope they actually start communicating via Social Media.


Level 2

Having the same issue just for reference this is not just happening with the Oculus quest 2 this is also happening with the Oculus quest  black and according to the forums with the rift as well. This is a serious issue I will return my device if a problem is not found soon.

Level 4

How’d u get on chat?

Level 2

I really hope that they fix it I didn't spend 80$ and an entire day, just to have a grey box on my desktop.

Same, I can’t even close the software at this point 🤦‍:male_sign: