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Thieves -class action lawsuit? Any attorneys here?

Level 2

Our $400 Quest 2 was glitching badly. I got a return authorization. I did exactly what was asked. I received a refurbished headset. They have my controllers and sent a refurbished when I bought mine new. 

They’re claiming I got an email telling me to not send anything but the headset. I’ve asked them repeatedly to show proof of this email and they can’t. 

Regardless, they have my controllers and have had them for a month. They keep saying that they are waiting on logistics. 

I’m seeing so many others who have had the same issue. I’m considering this theft. They have my property. I have no idea if the refurbished headset works because I have no controllers. 

is this their way of making me buy a whole new Quest 2? I’m losing time in Supernatural and my son isn’t getting to play on this at all. 

How is any of this good business or justified?


If there are any attorneys here who can help, I’ll gladly be a part of a class action lawsuit.