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Thumb up gesture on left touch controller has stopped working (within 24h of installation)

Level 5
Initially reported here.

As far as I can remember, all gestures worked fine on the 1st day of usage.
However on the 2nd day, while playing robo recall, I noticed the thumb up gesture on the left controller was not working.

Left & right index finger pointing continue to work on both controllers, as does the thumb up gesture on the right controller.

I've since tested multiple games, and have also tried re-calibrating the sensors multiple times.

Full set of logs here.

Any suggestions on how best I should proceed?

How are the thumb & index finger gestures detected?
Is it done with sensors inside the controller? or is it something that might be rectified by rearranging the room scale sensors?

Level 5
Ok just tried Dead and Buried, and left thumb gesture works fine there!

So it's just Oculus home, Robo Recall, Echo Arena (and probably others I've yet to test) where the left thumb gesture doesn't work.

So looks like it's a software issue, rather than hardware setup error/fault.
That's a relief; I wasn't looking forward to having to take the whole lot back to Currys.

Oculus just need to pull their finger (or thumb!) out, and get this fixed!

Level 2

Level 3
Me too, exact same issue. I finally got support to actually take interest in the issue and they requested videos and logs. Been 4 days and heard nothing back. 

Level 5
Support have been really good for me, with a quick turn around on responses.
I too have supplied them with video evidence and logs.

Though their last post has left the issue a little..... open ended.  😕

Based on what you have provided so far, I would like to ask that you allow us some additional time to look into further instructions for you. We will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Hopefully their investigation comes back with something concrete.

Especially as I just cancelled an accepted return request with Currys for the whole kit.
I reasoned that a small scratch on the lens isn't really all that important, and it'll be many years before another opportunity arises to get into VR for as little as I paid.

My guess is that're working out whether it's a sensor mis-calibration that can be resolved through software/firmware, or if they need to issue new controllers. 

Level 2
So this was 2017 and the Quest I just bought I’d found the same thing to me when I play Poker Stars.  I cannot do a thumbs up with my right hand.  Please advise.