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Touch activating menu's and buttons too fast.

Level 4
After upgrading to the Ryzen 2600 I've been having issues in a few games.
The primary one is Skyrim VR. Every once in awhile it's fine, but then out of nowhere the thumb sticks go on hyper mode and zoom to the end of menus.
And the grip buttons suddenly activate some 100 times a second causing me to exit menus and dialog fully, rather than one step back.
I would say it's Bathesda's fault. But it's not just that game. It's happening on Fallout VR too.
And then sometimes it happens in the Steam Home.

I get that they would rather me use the Oculus store, and I do. But when I launch Skyrim VR from the Oculus library it never gives focus to Skyrim. It stays in the Oculus store while Skyrim runs on my desktop in VR mode. Never sending the feed to my HMD at all. Except audio.
This is getting ridiculous.

Is there any way to fix this new 'upbreak'?

Level 4
I believe I have narrowed down the issue to the Oculus home sending analog input to Steam VR. So SteamVR thinks the Oculus grip is a toggle rather than the (obviously superior) analog on Touch controllers.

When holding the grip halfway down (on the way to a full grip) the button causes the grip to activate like a turbo button. The SkyrimVR map marker menu for example rotates between all 3 options rapidly.
But when held down it stops. So this menu becomes a roulette game.

Dialog also fully exists becuase the grip button is used to go back 1 step in conversations. Only now it fully exists because of this 'turbo' button effect.

And the option to sheath or draw your weapon rapidly activates as well. Making it about as much of a gamble and causing frame drops.

I hope one side or the other fixes this soon. Because as it stands it is nearly unplayable imo.
I'm having to plug in my xbox controller. That is not acceptable.

Level 4
Never mind. Apparently SteamVR Input is a thing that can fix it.
Never heard of it before and it flew under the radar for me. So if this comes up again I guess we have something to point to.