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Tracking Issues Quest 2 Beatsaber Multiplayer, Hands behind Avatar

Level 2

we got the Quest 2 a week ago and i like beat saber alot. Im fine with hard and some experts already. But i have some struggle with the tracking. It feels like some times i miss some very easy boxes - and if i swing too hard from behind - the tracking cant follow. Additional in multiplayer, my hand are displayed almost always behind the avatr if i extend my arms over 90°. sometimes the saber gets stuck in mid air and i rotate around. Made a vid clip.
I checked alot of posts and did like all recommended fixed for common known tracking issues like lights, freq, background,reset headset + controller.

So yeah, what to do? It kinda tilts me that a new headset dosent work as it should do and i dont know what to do about it. Please send help!!


Level 2

Level 16

You've posted twice - see my response in your other thread 🙂

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